Monday, February 12, 2018

Welcome to Our Hive

Want to know what it is like to have 10 children 14 years old and under? Come and check out our hive! This blog is a window into our busy lives raising a large family. 

I am an only child and always wanted siblings. When my husband Bill and I got married we wanted a big family, but never put a number on it. Consciously or unconsciously, I created my own army.

I have been thinking about starting a blog for awhile, but I was afraid to put our lives out there. When I was looking online for families like us, I couldn’t find one that was really like ours. We are the family next door who happen to have 10 children. We are not picture perfect, far from it, and my kids don’t wear matching outfits. I am usually, ok almost always dressed in gym clothes covered in baby spit up, other kids’ breakfasts, dog hair and no make up. Our kids go to public school and play lots of sports and other activities. We have our share of challenges and tears, but also a whole lot of love and laughter! Our life is busy, loud, messy, hard and AWESOME. 

Here are some things to know about me:
  • Yes, I drive a 15 passenger bus (It is a cool one, but not quite as cool as Ms. Frizzle's)
  • We have 6 girls and 3 boys (all singles) – Bill is terrified of having 6 girls with PMS
  • Right now I have 5 kids 6 years and under, 3 kids are 2 years and under 
  • In 6 out of my 9 pregnancies I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum– meaning I had severe morning sickness and other complications the entire pregnancies
  • Going to the gym helps me keep my sanity
My goal in starting this blog was to share a glimpse into our lives raising a large family. I wanted to document this unique experience for my children and for the blog to be an outlet for me. We have an amazing support group of friends and family, but raising a large family can be a lonely island sometimes. I am looking forward to connecting with other moms (new and experienced moms of small and large families) sharing our experiences, learning from each other and supporting each other.

As soon as people find out I have 10 kids I get asked lots of questions (some very inappropriate ones too). Many of my posts are inspired by those questions, future posts will include cost of feeding a big family, what type of car we have, and how we manage to keep our sanity. I am not a photographer, most of the pictures on the blog will be pictures I take on my phone. I am not a professional writer either but I feel I have a story to tell.

This is our real life.

Whether you have one kiddo or 12 kiddos, we all have similar challenges and triumphs, ours are just multiplied.

I hope you will follow our journey and join our hive.