Meet the Bees

Hi! I am Jane, I was born and raised in Wilmington, DE as an only child. I went to college in PA and graduated with a History/Education degree. After college I was working at a small university and they sent me to a conference. Bill was presenting at the conference, and I knew almost immediately that he was the one for me. Here we are 19 years later. 

Growing up I always wished I had siblings. Bill and I both wanted a big family because we love children. We didn't put a number on our family but our tenth baby has completed our crew. We joke that we are out of space, time, and money. I don't think either of us would ever have predicted we would have 10 kids! 

We are the family next door who just happens to have a super sized family. We live in a modest house. Our children go to public school and play sports and lots of other activities. I am a stay at home mom, with the hopes of one day becoming a nurse.

We have 10 amazing and unique kids, 6 girls and 4 boys (all singles). It is wild that they all share the same genes and are brought up in the same house, but are all so different.

We put our kids into 3 categories: Bigs, Middles, and Littles*

S is our oldest at 16. She is responsible, creative, and kind. KB is 14 and is an awesome athlete and student. Big E is 11, she loves sports and art.

Roo is 10 he loves history, the outdoors, and building with legos and Minecraft. T is 8, he's the proverbial bull in a china shop, a textbook middle child. He loves to build legos, be outside and draw. Lil is 7 and is trying to keep up with her big sisters and brothers, and honestly everyone's afraid of her. She can also climb anything and loves monkey bars.

C is 5 and in between tantrums, he has a funny sense of humor and a great laugh. BB8  is 4 and her personality is really starting to blossom, boy she is fierce! Lil E is 3 and has the sweetest smile. When she sees her big siblings she lights up.

Just when you thought that was more than enough we also have a wild pup, name Peyton. She is a rescue dog, we think she is part lab, part pit bull and part garbage disposal. She eats everything. She just turned 1 and I am hoping that she mellows out. A puppy is sometimes harder than a new baby.

*Because we have older kids we decided to use their initials and nicknames for privacy reasons.

This is our hive!

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